Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we work with?

Physicians, physician groups, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care centers, radiology groups, anesthesia groups and physical therapy groups can all benefit from our medical billing services.

What are the upfront costs?

There are none. There is no software or hardware to purchase and our setup process is included in our service.

What is the advantage of using you?

Our medical billing services allow you to take advantage of innovative strategies that increase physician revenue, cash flow, and efficiency while reducing costs and stress. This allows you to do what you do best, practice medicine – without the anxiety and hassles associated with the billing side of the business.

Are you HIPAA compliant

Yes. We also keep track of all new code and regulatory changes and automatically update the software.

How many people will be assigned to my practice

At Medical Office Services, your practice has a team of professionals working together. However, you will have a designated person that you can contact, that is responsible for your account.  As a support system,  we share information with our team regarding your practice, giving you the ability to talk to anyone on the team regarding your account. You also get the collective expertise of the team working hard to maximize your income. This is more efficient for billing & communication.